You need to set up your payout information by entering your bank account information in the payment section of your account:

Please have a look at this 30 second Youtube tutorial video to proceed.

To add your bank details, you should:

  • Log in your account in the Vinty marketplace
  • From the top bar, go to user settings 

  • Go to the Payments tab

  • Select Bank account
  • Fill the form to add your bank details: your legal name, your country, your address and your bank account number

  • Save your bank details.

That's it! A success message should now be visible and your can now collect payment in the Vinty marketplace and receive money when a transaction happens.

Is there any risk to add my bank details?

No, Vinty doesn't store this data (it is hosted by Stripe, our payment provider, the most trusted payment solution in the industry). Vinty does not have access to your banking information.