We often get asked about how many miles you can drive when you do a self-drive rental with Vinty. The answer varies but it is typically between 50-100 miles depending on the car.

Most of the cars have a limit set by the owner. By default, 100 miles are included unless the listing indicates a different limit. Please make sure to read the listing description carefully as it will be stated explicitly. Additional mileage by default for your daily self-drive rental is $1/mile.


You are expected to bring the car back with the same amount of gas you got it with. If you do not, the standard price will be $5/gal.


Looking to do a one-way drive from LA to San Francisco (and vice-versa), Las Vegas to LA or something is possible with Vinty. Of course, there is a cost associated with this type of rental as we will need to send one of our team members to pick up the car after you are done with your great trip!

If you are interested in doing a one-way classic car rental, please ask We will be glad to help you.