For a quick review, please check our tutorial videos available on Youtube.

Here is an overview of the process:

1) Sign up for an account at

2) Find the vehicle that you would like to rent in the listings page. You'll notice that while most cars are available for hire on a per-day basis, some cars are rented by the hour (usually for chauffeured rentals, photo shoots or corporate use) and some have a "contact us" mention, meaning the owner needs more information before being able to give you a quote.

3) Click on the car to view more pictures and information about its location and its owner.

4) If you have questions, send the owner a message by pressing "Contact" on the car's page.

5) Once you are satisfied with the car, select the dates or hours you are interested in, press "Request to Book", and follow through with the payment steps.

5) Your booking will be confirmed, and the money transferred when the owner accepts the reservation. If he does not respond within three days of your request, the transaction is canceled.

6) Once you have booked the car, you will receive instructions from the owner and the Vinty Team.